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Rosie Program


Official list of books and information can be found at http://www.ilfonline.org/programs-awards/eliot-rosewater-indiana-high-school-book-award/

Rosie Voting Party

Here at North, qualifying students (those who have read at least five of the books on the list) are invited to the Rosie Voting Party, which takes place in April.

In addition to helping decide, by voting, which book will receive North's vote for this year's award, each participant receives "Rosie Bucks" (one per book they have read) to be used for bidding on items donated by area businesses for our yearly Rosie Party Auction.To sign up, stop by the library office.

This year's party will take place April 26th. All those who wish to qualify must have read a minimum of 5 books by April 25th.

One Book One Bloomington

One Book One Bloomington

Discussion of a single book and the issues therein to encourage literary reading and to build community by encouraging conversation and the sharing of ideas by members of the community. More information can be found at One Book, One Bloomington.

Good Reads

If you are looking for good books to read, check out Good Reads at GoodReads.com


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