BHSN Library

BHSN Library Mural

Mural created by BHSN students representing the 6 genres of fiction: mystery, western, romance, fantasy, juvenile and science fiction.

Library Policies

7:00AM - 3:00PM
Open all lunch periods.
Special arrangements for extended research times can be made with the librarian.

Type Lending Period
Fiction and Non-Fiction: 15 School Days
Reference Next day before 8:00AM
Magazines 10 School Days
Renewal Policy Materials may be renewed if the item is not reserved by another patron.

There is a 7-day grace period for overdue materials; After this, patrons will be charged a daily 10-cent late fee. The maximum late fee per item is $2.00.

If a patron loses a library item, they will be fined the price of the item. A Note About Fines: Students may not purchase a parking permit, and Seniors may not receive their cap & gown or walk through graduation, if they have any fines or overdue items at the library.

The Bloomington High School North Library is a place that belongs to everyone: students, teachers, and staff. There are rules about how you act in the library in order to help make it a pleasant and useful place for everyone to visit.

  • No food or drinks in the library.
  • Be courteous and considerate of others.
  • Speak in a quiet voice.
  • Act safely.
  • Take care of shared materials and shared space.
  • Return materials on time.
  • Return and push in chairs.
  • Keep feet off of furniture.
  • Conserve paper and place used paper in recycling bins.
  • When on the computers, observe the Acceptable Use Agreement.

If you have trouble following the rules and expected behaviors, your teacher or librarian will remind you of them. However, if you still have trouble following library rules, you will be asked to leave.

  • To Schedule Library Time call or e-mail Kathy Loser at extension 50197 or kloser@mccsc.edu.
  • Co Curricular Planning is an opportunity to plan lessons or units collaboratively with the Ms. Loser with an emphasis on information literacy.
  • Bibliographic Instruction is an important service which helps students be successful with library assignments. It can be as simple as a brief lesson on using reference materials or as complex as developing topics and search strategies for a research paper. Before signing up for library time, check to see if your students might need some library skills review.
  • Book Talks can be an effective way to motivate students to read. Book talking is a verbal presentation of selected books to students in a classroom. The Eliot Rosewater High School Book Award nominees book talk is a specific book talk to schedule to encourage students to read a specific set of student selected books. Teachers can schedule with Ms. Loser a genre specific book talk, or a curriculum-related book talk either in the classroom or in the library.
  • Customized Reading Lists can be created, customized, and displayed on the library's online catalog, Safari for your specific classes.
  • Closed Reservation Requests can be made to assure that you and your students will have specific books available when you need them. Just call ext 50197 or email Ms. Loser.
  • 5 W's of Website Evaluation instruction is desgined to equip students with information skills to look critically and to determine the validity of web sites. This lesson will help students deconstruct web pages. Email or call to schedule a lesson in your classroom or a visit to the library lab.